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On a terrace overlooking the sea you can enjoy traditional and refined dishes of our cuisine, which favors local fresh produce. In those places, like Ischia, where the sea meets the land, the peasant culture is intertwined with that of fishermen. This exchange comes up to the table, with recipes that range in two seemingly so different worlds but the island has old ties and firmly. Here vegetables are served with seafood, mussels combine the beans, meat and fish go hand in hand.

of custody of this work peculiar culinary memory of the place, with the use of ingredients and flavors of our land, culminating in a performance still original and personal. Caressed by a light wind of the sea, once you seated at the table you will find that the secret of our kitchen is right in our dishes to be told through the story of our land.


Eating well

The breakfast deck

A roof terrace, surrounded by Mediterranean flavors, seasonal fruits and abundant blooms, are accomplices of your aperitifs and your awakenings.


Style events

Hotel della Baia is ideal to serve as location for exclusive events:

  • Meetings
  • Business events
  • Private parties
  • Banquets
  • Entertainment
  • Inaugurations
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