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A selection from our chart

The house wines are produced on the estate of Villa di Vicenza Montruglio, exclusively for clients of Hotel della Baia.

Check out our range of sparkling, rosé sparkling wine, cabernet and tai.


Tai White

The Montruglio Tai has a soft and harmonious flavor with a slightly bitter aftertaste typical of the grape. It goes perfectly with light dishes based on fish or white meat.

Tai Red

It is advisable to taste young, slightly cool temperature (13 ° -14 ° C), it features a fine and light cuisine. It is excellent with mild roast and the fine meats.


Rich in color, in the mouth feels creamy viscosity of his personality. Optimal balance of flavor. It goes very well with different dishes, but particularly favors stews, especially rabbit and poultry. Serve at 18 ° -20 °.

Sparkling Prosecco

Sparkling Prosecco Extra Dry DOC Montruglio explodes in the mouth a pleasant and lively mousse. Perlage fine grain enhances the richness of the bouquet and persistence of the delicate aromatic scents. aperitif wine, best served chilled.

Sparkling Rosè Extradry

The Montruglio Tai Rosé Sparkling Brut has a velvety flavor and slightly bitter. His fine and persistent enhances its lightness and elegance. Very pleasant as an aperitif or with appetizers, it should be drunk chilled.

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